Wellington Scrap Metals

December 25, 2018

Get cash for your scrap metal from Wellington Scrap Metals

For several years, Wellington Scrap Metals buy and sell all types of scrap metal and process them with international standards. Remember at Wellington Scrap Metals… scraps are cash!

All quantity of scrap metals can be recycled. If you have some old plumbing or electrical material to get rid of, we can convert the metals into cash. Your unwanted household appliances can also be recycled!

Cash for scrap

Bring in your scraps and you can get the competitive prices in town from Wellington Scrap Metals.


With the large quantities of metal, we can export processed scrap, and you can get a better price for your scrap metals.


At our processing yard, you can witness how the scrap metals are converted into an exportable and and international standard material.


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