Tania Dally Art

February 21, 2021

My paintings are all landscapes. When you see a star in the sky or the foam on a wave that’s the moment in which you connect with a work.

You may like some of my paintings, but not others. You may find some unsettling or be drawn to some for reasons you are not sure of.

Select your favourite paintings from the range of art for sale, or visit me at my Studio Gallery in the near future.

Every painting is for sale

Check out each painting, including the story behind it together with a range of images, including close-ups. If you want more info please contact me.

Commission an original piece of art

Every custom-created painting comes with a beautifully-designed, bound document articulating the back-story and detailing all the steps in the creation of this very personal piece of artwork.

Studio Gallery, Raumati Beach

You can find the Boat Shed Studio Gallery, just across the foot bridge from the Waterfront Bar, at the carpark at Marine Garden, Raumati Beach, just at the mouth of the Wharemauku Stream.


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