Molto Bella

April 6, 2021

Our specialist boutique is available to be visited any day of the week, you can find us in North Canterbury.

Our products are now available online, browse our catalogue today. Natural women’s clothing delivered straight to your door.

Our store offers women’s and men’s clothing, women’s accessories, and homewares.

Main Product Range

Our small store offers a large catalogue that includes linen, tunics, dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, pants, silk, and more to be discovered. Visit our product page today.

Branded Clothing

We supply a range of brands including Eclectia, Rhum Raisin, NZ OBR Merino, Boody Bamboo Leisurewear, Purolino Italiano and more. Browse our catalogue to discover the perfect piece.

Outfit Accessories

We offer a range of accessories for your everyday needs including scarves, hand bags, bracelets, sneaker cleaning kits, necklaces, market bags, belts and more.

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