Kapiti Ideal Decorators

March 22, 2021

Don’t waster you money for just any painter! You need a team of highly skilled and expert painters to get the job done flawlessly!

Are you looking for a painter to paint your walls or put up wallpaper? We can do it all plus we can keep your house warm and dry by waterproofing it!

We are insurance company approved painters able to waterproof paint and decorate your house or business.

An expertly done paint job will save you money

Get a job that’s 100%. Our professional painters provide the best in painting. From planning to having our work checked by WATTYL.

Sick of your house being wet and cold?

Waterproofing can make your home dryer and healthier by preventing moisture from entering your home.
This will also help prevent mould and stains growing on your ceiling and walls in future.

If you have been asked to pick a painter

If your insurance company asked you to choose a painter or decorator for repair work, you can talk to us! We can provide them a quote and will fix the damages in your home to the standards you expect.


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