JP Legal

May 11, 2021

Helping North Shore-based private clients get better results with our experienced barrister.

The services of a confident solicitor can help obtain the best outcome for your situation.

For comprehensive legal services, contact JP Legal today and gain answers to your legal questions.

Limited Licenses

Ensure you get your limited licence application eligibility checked before you apply with JP Legal. We not only guide you through the process, but can provide you with a DUI lawyer and professional legal services as well.

Need a criminal lawyer

If you face a criminal charge, whether serious or minor, a criminal lawyer can help. A legal specialist can advise you on eligibility for diversion and possible defences. Contact North Shore-based defence lawyer Joanne Price today.

Expert traffic lawyer

Whether you want to contest a ticket, or require help due to traffic offence charges, our North Shore based traffic lawyer can provide. Contact the JP legal team for professional legal services and advice today.


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