Hugo Plastics

February 5, 2021

Plastic is a durable, strong, and sustainable product that Hugo Plastics has been working with for three decades.

We’re experts in designing, specifying, and manufacturing plastic units, and have readily available products.

Our team is able to work with differing plastic materials, creating products appropriate across multiple industries.

Plastic Products

Our huge range of products means you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. Across different industries, some of our products include calf bobby ramps, loading pens, cooling tanks, storage and unit systems.


At Hugo Plastics, our products are designed to service multiple industries. Agriculture, Civil Engineering, Environmental, Marine and Architecture industries are all catered to with their specialised needs with our plastic products.

Plastic Innovation and Beyond!

Our dream is to provide our customers with endless, quality product solutions to solve whatever they need. Using expert cutting, shaping and welding techniques, we aim to bring you the best product you can get.


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