Gentle caring dental clinic

February 4, 2021

Dental clinic based in the centre of Tawa with a team of caring expert dentists in a state of the art fresh facility.

At Centre of Dental Excellence clinic, we use the latest in dentistry diagnostic equipment and techniques that assist our experienced dental team.

Here at the Centre of Dental Excellence we offer a range of remedial and cosmetic dentistry for a smile you will be happy with.

General Dental Services

Our team always makes sure to keep an eye on your oral health with quick and easy ways to get on top of any problems including restorative dentistry with regular check-ups.

Remedy Tooth Care

To help prevent any future problems we keep a log on your regular visits and offer preventative dental treatments such as fissure sealants to our dental hygenist for cleaning for advice.

Exterior Tooth Care

We offer Cosmetic dentistry which makes your teeth brighter, straighter and gives you the confidence to be proud of your smile. We offer teeth whitening and other cosmetic services.


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