Charmaines on Royal

May 19, 2021

At Charmaines on Royal, our prestigious salon is the first choice for many beauty, massage and hair services.

Take time out of your day for hair styling, beauty treatments, pampering and blissful massage.

Charmaines on Royal has evolved from a small arcade salon to an iconic, long-standing and well respected local business.

Variety of Hair Style Treatments

Charmaines on Royal employs a highly trained and respected team of hair care specialists with styling services that will leave you in awe of your new style.


Looking to revitalize your skin with professional skin correction treatments or simply relax with our pampering beauty therapy sessions? Either way, our professionals can provide what you need.

Rejuvenating Massage Treatments

At Charmaines on Royal, you can treat yourself to a superb, pampering massage from one of our trained experts with treatments ranging in time and cost to suit our budget and lifestyle.


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