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Employment Law Training

March 24, 2021

Helping New Zealand businesses develop an understanding of intricate employment law.

Courses are practical, comprehensive and participant friendly with no role plays, questions encouraged.

Choose to attend a seminar or course in your region today with locations scattered across the country.

Employment law courses

Attend an employment law course at one of our convenient locations throughout New Zealand. We cover pay and personnel administration, termination of employment, supervision, workplace bullying and more.

In Company Training

Ensure that employment law training is done properly and effectively in your company or organization with specially designed in-company training programmes and courses.

Employment law training registration

From seminars and in-company training to special tailored programmes for your business, contact the team at Employment Law Training to get your business registered.

Cellfield New Zealand

November 8, 2020

In a short a time span as two weeks, see for yourself how our dyslexia treatment programme can cause massive improvement.

Fun and challenging reading and comprehension programmes to help improve faster.

With qualified experts to help with the job, we only use proven dyslexia treatment methods.

Proven results

With Cellfield centres and a huge staff working all throughout New Zealand, the team at Cellfield specialize in helping individuals of all ages with learning issues and dyslexia read and are also trained practitioners.

Why and how our programme is effective

Cellfield uses a scientific approach to produce rapid results in our dyslexia treatment programmes. From dyslexia testing and eye examinations to computer technology, Cellfield provides a thorough service to get the best results.

Find out more about the programme

Whether you want to catch up or excel, discover our innovative reading programme for both children and young adults which adjusts to reading level and gets results fast.


May 13, 2018

Gain Professional Development Credits

A fully integrated study experience, with theory informing clinical practice, and clinical practice informing theoretical knowledge gains in individuals specific area of practice and clinical context.


Together with Whitireia, Medtra is working to allow you to accumulate professional development credits.

All Medtra seminars are included in our variety of professional development activities.

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